What Is Your Birthday?

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What Is Your Birtday?

Authored by Ertugrul Yildirim

(Warning : Before buying "description" Please read.)

    In this book, he's a human (or loved ones), "the day of birth" will help to find a very easy formula (or table) is available. In this book formulas (or table), only the "birth day of the" not, ("Christ before" and "after Christ"), any date the day of the (partially though) find will help.

    Especially of children and young people "training intelligence" to test and date will provide them with a fun eye. Of this study not only of children and youths, also in adults, an operation (and even fun) I believe that source. In your environment (children, mother, father, spouse, friend, friends, relatives and neighbors as etc etc) recognize the selections or the loved ones birthdays are their (from the mind or a small table looking) Once you've found (on the will dwell in the "confusion" and you will dwell in your "light of peace" ), will also be an entertainment.

   Birthday the "do not know, every human being is to comply curiosity (" I wonder, my "My birthday" is?) He. One person's "birth of your day" to learn, that might not be something important. But "astrology" in the term "person's birthday," has a very important place. Because, "the day of birth," persons "from births to deaths" in the image of the night until, (could live with any kind of positive or negative developments) can sign. And it's positive or negative developments, you can show. That 's why, the people who own "their day of birth" is important to know.

   Only "the day of birth" is not. "The past or future" eras, "the day of any date in the know" and learn, maybe in terms of entertainment, people can give a pleasant situation.

   NOTE: This work has taken me to my nearly 3 years. A study is not very easy. But in the end I was pressing. Your comprehension of the book from start to finish, the work You'll see how much of that detail. I wish to read. E. Y.

   Warning : This work translated into English using Google's database did. However, with the English version of these reasons may be corrupted. There was a large number of translation errors. Not important.") If you are saying., This book "is specified at from price" took to read it. This e-book which will be "from my readers," I apologize in advance. E.Y.

   Note: Book cover by (birtday), is misspelled. (Birthday) was supposed to be. Was due to the translation site. I was in a hurry. I'm sorry. But I hope you enjoy the book. THX.

NOTE: Why is this book so expensive? Because, full-color and consists of exactly 156 from pages. There are many tables in the book. Books compulsory application standard price. Sincerely.

Publication Date: Ağu 23 2014
ISBN/EAN13: 1500922250 / 9781500922252
Page Count: 156
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Language: English
Color: Full Color
Related Categories: Science / General

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What Is Your Birthday?

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