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Youtube removed my videos without reason. (Important Information)

I condemn Youtube.


I have published both to promote my books and to stop child deaths in wars in the world "Ve Tanrı Gücü Yarattı (HD Film)" and "And God Created The Power (HD Movie)" were unfairly removed by Youtube.

Youtube, which is owned by Google, has been removed directly from our channel on Youtube without any warning. I have removed my YouTube channel for this reason. I deleted my videos. And I complained to the US national president of Youtube. Google (YouTube) will not publish videos until you accept that they are unfair. And I will not allow it to be published.

The reason for removing YouTube videos is that I do not violate "community rules"! What, do I violate these community rules? Youtube, I can not give this answer correctly. I just "violated community rules!" He says that. It does not explain the reason for the actual removal. So he's being arbitrary.

I was not given any warning when publishing my videos, yotube. He just stated that it was a copyright of "xmen" music. However, they reported that "videos of the music owner's ads may be published as the video is also allowed to be broadcast." And they said "this is not a problem". They gave me such information and they gave it to me.

They have now made the video "notice that it has been removed because it violates the community rules." But they did not give realistic information. What has the Community rules violated? What is the violation of these community rules in my videos? They do not explain these to me along with the details.

The only thing they do is make sure that the internet page, which contains the "community rules", contains the general meaning. But what about the violation of these community rules in my videos? They had to explain these to me along with the details. But they did not do that. They directly removed my videos without question.

There is no honest information given in this regard. As not given, my videos have been unjustly and illegally removed.  YouTube removes videos that do not violate any law, only by stating "the violation of community rules"; He did not explain to me "where my videos are violating these community rules". It seems to be an understanding entirely based on the casualty. For these reasons I strongly condemn Google and Youtube.

The video content on my blog page, where the videos are posted, will remain there. Because neither my videos nor my explanations are subject to any violation.In video descriptions, I showed every kind of opinion about videos. And I have even explained the sources of the soundtrack to the details so that it is not copyrighted. And YouTube has also given me a "no problem" issue. And he allowed the video to be broadcast. I still do not even know why my videos have been removed.

I personally think that Google (YouTube) employees are acting arbitrarily. I do not understand that they hired such people as YouTube workers. What are they trying to do, acting according to their pleasure?

What's with my videos? They are clear. Who is insulting? What made it to whom?Youtube has removed videos that do not violate any rules.But millions of pirated videos are still online that have infringed millions of writers and artists' copyright rights on YouTube.Youtube also remove them. He never touches them. Why does not he touch it? Those videos have been on YouTube for years.

Does Google -YouTube make any money from copyrighted pirated publications (from these videos)? How much does he earn if he wins? All this needs to be known.

Are the rights of millions of writers and artists stolen or copyrighted? Their rights.Do you pay a royalty income to millions of video ads on Google (YouTube), YouTube, and so on?Do US courts and US property investigate this?I do not know .. But it is obvious that there are huge injustices in the middle ..

Here is the address of the videos that have been removed;
And God Created The Power (HD movie) : GO
Direct Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XNsLIFJ7QY

Ve Tanrı Gücü Yarattı (HD Film) : GO
Direct Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zyd84Rhesz4

Extensive information: GO
Direct Link : http://ertugrul-yildirim.blogspot.com.tr/2017/01/and-god-created-power-hd-movie.html

NOTE: I really gave so much effort until I got those videos. You do not know. Pity my labor. I mean, I almost got so crying out of tears. Work it up, give it a try. And no violations. Despite this, remove the bull .. Pity really .. For that reason I strongly condemn them.

NOTE 2: As I mentioned in the following comment, I have dealt with short sections of some videos about the past and present wars (so that they fit into the content of the video).There were also short episodes of the movies featured by super characters and short episodes with "healings".

But what I've already told you is that videos on YouTube and thousands of videos are shared in different forms.For this reason I did not mind to publish them, so I added them.

If the problem is one or more of these, then YouTube could have warned me about them.If it were, I could have taken these videos myself.But none of them were done. It did not happen.They just told me (violating the community rules) and lifted my videos without question.Here is my anger here.

The generic portion of the videotaped music was taken from YouTube's audio library.This content is required to be included in the description of the content owner in order to be published on the video.I added this to the explanation.

The other music is "xmen" music.As I mentioned above, it is accepted with the condition that "the advertisement of the content owner is allowed to be broadcast on the video".We accepted it so that we would not have any problems.In addition, although it is not wanted to add to the description section, this content is published in the description of the owner's name and link.

A problem with the music content on the video is the same as I mentioned above.If the problem is small videos with short episodes in the videotape, then they could notify me of it earlier.We also need to do, we could remove ourselves videos of  publication..

But none of this has happened.Our unquestioned videos have been abruptly removed...

Respectfully .. Author Ertuğrul Yıldırım..


Turkish in this article: GO 
Direct Link : http://ertugrul-yildirim.blogspot.com.tr/2017/02/onemli-duyuru-youtubevideolarm.html

Yayıncı: Yazar Ertuğrul Yıldırım tarafından yayınlanmıştır; Copright 2017

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